Service Pricing

Special discount for our regular customers

Find bellow some of our basic pricing for our service charges. We however offer some special discount to our regular customers.

Vehicle Servicing For Car For Truck
Minor Servicing 50GH₵ 60GH₵
Major Servicing 100GH₵ 120GH₵
Replacing brake pads only 50GH₵ 60GH₵
Replacing transmission fluid 100GH₵ 120GH₵
Filter Change 40GH₵ 50GH₵
Engine overhauling 100GH₵ 120GH₵


Diagnosing & Replacement For Car For Truck
Diagnosis of vehicle 50GH₵ 60GH₵
Replacing shock absorbers (Front) 150GH₵ 150GH₵
Replacing shock absorbers (Rear) 100GH₵ 100GH₵
Replacing all shock absorbers 250GH₵ 250GH₵
Replacing upper arm (Front) 100GH₵ 100GH₵
Replacing one (1) brake disc 60GH₵ 60GH₵
Replacing two (2) brake disc 80GH₵ 80GH₵
Replacing Tail Light Assembly 50GH₵ 60GH₵
Replacing front bumper 40GH₵ 40GH₵
Replacing Rear Bumper 30GH₵ 30GH₵
Replacing timing belt / chain 150GH₵ 150GH₵
Replacing engine mount 60GH₵ 60GH₵


Replacement Works For Car For Truck
Replacing lower arm 150GH₵ 160GH₵
Replacing upper ball joint 60GH₵ 60GH₵
Replacing lower ball joint 100GH₵ 100GH₵
Replacing Radiator 100GH₵ 120GH₵
Replacing brake shoes 80GH₵ 80GH₵
Recharging of A/c gas 70GH₵ 80GH₵
Replacing headlight Assembly 60GH₵ 70GH₵
Replacing transmission mount 50GH₵ 60GH₵
Flushing radiator with new coolant 50GH₵ 60GH₵


Engine Works For Car For Truck
Replacing engine ( In-Line ) 280GH₵ 320GH₵
Replacing engine ( V-Engine ) 400GH₵ 450GH₵
Engine overhauling 100GH₵ 120GH₵