At Ros Auto, our chief aim is to become the go-to company for auto works in the Volta Region and beyond.



  1. To use innovation to provide solutions to auto problems in the Volta Region.
  2. To become a hub for the training of professionals in the automobile industry.
  3. To use our pioneering spirit to forge partnerships that will inure to the benefit of the Automobile industry in the Volta Region.


Core Values

Quality: At Ros Auto, we deliver our services with quality and excellence. We ensure that our clients are not shortchanged and they always receive their money’s worth.

Integrity: We know that honesty and integrity are the pillars in every great company therefore we do not compromise on our word. Our word and our deadlines are sacred to us.

Creativity: At Ros Auto, we love to disrupt the ordinary and usher in the extraordinary through creativity. Innovation is our hallmark.

Belief: We never say “it cannot be done.” Instead we ask “How can it be done?” Then we do it. At Rose Auto, we love upending the impossible.

Partnerships: For us, our clients are not mere customers, they are our partners and together we work to ensure their vehicles are taken care of and are in good state.